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What do you like and what not ! ?
As we're growing and getting more active of course the owners wants the opinions of the players on what they like and what not !
As we already have a suggestion page on the forum and people can put the things they would love to see added or changed to the server! 
But this serves for a different case!
Here we can talk about the things that are already in game! 

Here is my opinion! And I would love to know your opinions and your thoughts about it !
What I like : Basically 95% of the stuff in game.
  • Trivia is amazing every one can answer and get a price 
  • The monsters bosses and custom stuff are amazing ! 
  • The game has less to none bugs and snow is trying to fix them all !
  • The drops and drop events the server hosts from time to time.
  • The activity of the Server Supports, Mods, Admins, Owners answering helping every one!
What I dislike 5% : 
  • The voting system that is probably getting fixed but now it's not automatically.
  • The forums and the low activity (which of course is growing)
Hope you take the time and reply on here so it gets active on here ! 

Yours Faithfully

the reason the forums aint as active is we don't currently have a huge player base if you go onto a server with over 50+ online you see there forums are really active
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